High School Senior Portraiture

This year I'm really excited to include Secondary School Senior Portraiture to my listing. 

One of the fondest memories I have is of me and one of my best friends taking pictures at our local photo studio during our final year. We were so excited, we bought clothes, made sure our hair was right and put on what we though at the time was great makeup. I remember the experience like it was yesterday. We were offered baby powder and a comb and asked to sit by each other and smile. 

Those images were priceless. I wore a checkered pencil skirt and cowl neck top ensemble and had an afro (Afrochi do you remember?) We were skinny and 'independent' and ready to take on the world! I remember how excited we were to pick up our pictures, they came on 5x7 glossy paper in a pocket sleeve. 

I don't have these images in my possession anymore only the memories of it, and that's a problem. We didn't lose them out of negligence...ok so maybe we did but only in part. Between crossing continents and navigating the era of emails and the www, the pictures got lost in transit. I realize almost 2 decades later that even though we loved the images and were excited about them, we didn't value them as we should have. 

This is one of my reasons for offering valuable keepsakes to families in the form of elegant portraits for their teenage girls coming of age. (Of course I'll photograph boys too)

I want girls to come in with their best friends and their mums for a glam girls day out. Get their hair, nails and makeup done and then take some gorgeous modern elegant portraits of themselves. We'll prints these matted in a larger format so it goes immediately on a wall, everything comes with a digital album that's next to impossible to lose so twenty years from now they too will enjoy the memories of a fabulous day out with the people they still hold dear and the portraits on the wall to show their children.

I believe important milestones in life should be celebrated. Memories are good but they fade over time. Pictures remind you of who you were and how far you've come. They teach you to be grateful and appreciate more tangibly the people in your life and the God that has kept you. 

This year most girls this age will be leaving their families to go off to college. It's both exciting and scary. It's a moment that should exist in time for a lifetime and what better way to do so than in the form of timeless elegant portraiture.