A lot of people know I have a sister and two brothers. Truth is I have a brother and two cousins but we all grew up as siblings, oftentimes in the same home. I have two children now, a boy and a girl just like my mom did and the pressure from outside to have more is comical. The most common reason I get is that girls need a sister and boys need a brother but I don't budge because I know from personal experience that cousins if done right serve the same purpose. My 'sister' and I are as close as it gets.

These pictures were taken some thirty years apart on the font door step of one of the homes we lived in in Adabraka. We spent the best years of our childhood there. the stories are too many to tell and we often spend time fondly recalling them. 

We were the famous five (complete with theme song) Elom, Yoofi, Rania, Nalikem and Whiskey the dog. because there had to be be a dog. Whiskey was a tick-ridden mongrel with half his ear chewed off resulting from a fight with a goat. 

We had many memorable adventures (minus Whiskey) and at some point came up with a widely imaginative and original name for our gang. Ranalomfi. We even had an advise column for people with problems in their lives. We never got published but we did advertise with home made posters. 

We took the bottom picture at my grandmas 89th birthday party. I look at us now, all married with children. we smile when we see them play together and remember the good ol' days. We naturally default set into this pose every time we take a picture and it was fun to be able to trace its origin. 

I can't help but think of all the picture opportunities we missed out on but I'm certainly grateful for the ones we had.