The magic of makeovers

Why are we so fascinated with before and afters? Regardless of what is being made over we all wait in anticipation for the finished product, be it homes, people, bodies, bed rooms, bank accounts etc. We all love a good transformation. 

A very funny phenomenon I've noticed with what I do is that people are often more than willing to have you take a before picture of them, usually one of their own choosing and agree to have you market with it until they see what it looks like next to an after picture. The reactions are hilarious. A great majority of the time permission is revoked and of course I respect that. 

We all fancy the best version of ourselves. I know I do. When I get made up and glammed up I feel like me. I think I look like me and I emit a vibe that says 'hello world I'm ready for your best'. 

I see the sparkle return to women's  eyes when they've got their makeup done. It's like magic, they sit up taller, they enunciate better some of them transform into nicer people. Put some fancy clothes on top of that and my work as a photographer is as good as done. 

In my studio I tell women to take a moment to reconcile with themselves before we get started with pictures. We do so much as women. Very few of us get to walk around looking flawless everyday. Its hard to find the time to do so with so many things vying for our attention we are often placed at the bottom of our own lists and we gradually lose our identity amidst the myriad of duties and obligations. This is why doing this is so dear to me. It is important that we as women exist in time for ourselves and our loved ones. We have to have that daily reminder that WE ARE. We are not just moms, sisters, daughters, wives, girlfriends, employees, entrepreneurs etc. We are first individuals with names, dreams, goals, feelings, a past, a present and a future. We are fabulous, glamorous, lovely, beautiful and so so much more. 

This is why I wake up everyday to photograph the best of you. To capture the light behind your eyes and the purity and essence of your soul so you are reminded everyday of who you are. So you can remember yourself when the world around you tries to sell you lies. When they tell you you are old, you are tired, you are invisible, you are weak, you are irrelevant, you are flawed and so on. 

My portrait of you will say I AM FABULOUS. I AM STRONG. I AM BEAUTIFUL. I AM ME.