Celebrating the purest love

This year I'm doing something very dear to my heart for mother's day. LittleBigSouls is a charity dedicated to reducing preterm infant mortality and disability, and this year I've decided to raise funds for them with a "Mom and Me" mini session marathon. All proceeds from the session will go to the charity. I'm teaming up with another awesome mom to make this happen. Aisha Ayensu (CHRISTIE BROWN) will be hosting the event.

On the 7th of May 2016 I will set up my studio at the CHRISTIE BROWN showroom in Osu and capture the special bond between mom and child for up to 15 moms, For a 300ghc donation to the LittleBigSouls charity I will be gifting a print of one of the lovely images as well as a soft copy for Facebook.  

Why am I doing this?




On the 24th of June, 2011 my husband and I lost our daughter who was born at 28 weeks. It was a horrific ordeal we went through looking for an incubator for more than 24 hours to keep her alive.  She didn't have to die but she did. Words cannot describe the anguish we went through during that period and for a long time after. No parent should have to lose a child especially not under circumstances that can be avoided. LittleBigSouls Ghana is doing some exceptional work in this area and its my absolute pleasure to be able to support them in any way I can.

The picture on this post is of my second daughter, our miracle child. She was also preterm. God was gracious to us and she's doing terrific now. Full of smiles and surrounded by love. I will be first in line to get my pictures taken because I have a story to tell, because every moment with my precious blessings is a moment I want to freeze in time for years to come. Come with your child, let's capture a loving hug,  a tight squeeze, a peaceful kiss or a goofy face. Let's create a portrait you will love and talk about for generations. Tell a mom you know to book her session ASAP. As of today I have 10 slots left and I'll fill them on a first come first serve basis. 

See you there!