One year later....

I made my first Instagram post on my newborn portraiture exactly a year ago today. If anyone would have told me at the time, that I would come to love newborn photography as much as I do I would have found it very hard to believe.

This journey has been full of pleasant surprises for me. What has been most surprising is how many people have embraced the concept of newborn portraiture in Ghana. I was almost certain it wouldn’t catch on, I thought people wouldn’t be interested or they wouldn’t appreciate the amount of work involved to produce a worthy piece of art. Boy was I wrong!

The beginning was tough I’ll admit. I’m not the cheapest photographer on the block which is one of the reasons why my clients inevitably become like family. To choose me out of the many options available means they VALUE my art and believe as much as I do that it will only accrue in value over the years.

That one day the tiny people in my portraits will they themselves stand in front of their images and tell their children about them. They will talk about life, about blessings, about miracles, about grace and favor and mercy. In a spirit of gratitude, they will talk about God.

This is what portraiture means to me, from the 10 day old, to the 50 year old, 100 years later, in all the changes that will take place, the one thing that remains certain and true throughout every image that I create is that God indeed is Faithful.

Thank you for all the likes and comments and words of encouragement, you don’t know how much it means to me. I remember the happy dance I danced when I had 199 followers on my Instagram page. I called my mum to celebrate, obviously neither she nor I knew very much about instagram at the time. Still, it was a moment of celebration because over 180 people I had never met chose to follow my page.

Merci beaucoup!! Here’s to many more wonderful years of adorable babies to come :)