Let's talk Headshots!

How old is your professional headshot on LinkdIn / your website/ Facebook ? (Go check now)

10 reasons to call me:

1. You don't have a professional headshot

2. You have an old headshot

3. You have a selfie on your professional page (shame on you) or a picture someone took of you at a wedding.

4. You don't look like the professional you are in your existing headshot

5. You need more options

6. The quality of your headshot isn't up to standard 

7. You don't like what your headshot says about you

8. You don't know what your headshot says about you

9. You settle for nothing but the best

10. You are ready to go pro. 


A headshot is not just a "nice" picture of a professional. A lot more thought and effort and expertise goes into creating an image of you that accurately represents you and your brand. From styling to posing to the final product. My head shots are industry standard, they are a step in the right direction and a foot in all the right doors. Do yourself a favour and let's get your first impression right!

0507407838. Dial it. Now.

Below is an example of my bestselling pro collection.  3 digital images that accurately depict everything Nana's professional brand is about. These beautiful images are for her LinkdIn profile.